The Dino6 Sediment Removal System

The Machine

The Dino6 sediment removal system is a small dredge manufactured domestically. It measures just over 22′ long and 6′ wide and is less than 6′ tall. With a wet weight around 3800 pounds it is a very lightweight, making it an extremely portable unit. Along with it’s small footprint this results in a low cost of mobilization. The Dino6 has a working depth of 13’ in its standard configuration.

The Dino6 is constructed to minimize maintenance issues and simplify any necessary service requirements. The pontoons are built using 16 gauge stainless steel with internal stiffening structures, compartmentalized into three independent sections and offering a two to one displacement factor for flotation. The gantry structure is all welded mild steel tubing powder coated for protection from the elements.

The Power

Power for the system is provided by a Cummins b3 series 4 cylinder diesel, rated at 65hp, consuming just 3 GPH of fuel during pumping operations. The 30 gallon fuel capacity provides for long hours of operation. The Diesel engine onboard is used to provide 90 gallons per minute at 2500psi to run a total of four hydraulic circuits. The hydraulic system provides for cooling and filtration of the fluid. These four circuits include the windlass cable travel system, depth control, the cutter head, and the slurry pump. The windlass travel system is composed of a double pulley, double motor, cable drive system that moves the unit back and forth along its cable. The depth control is accomplished with a hoist that lifts and lowers the cutter head and pump assembly. The cutterhead component of the system consists of a tooth covered cutterbar or a paddle assembly that rotates hydraulically to agitate material and aid in putting solids into suspension. This assembly is roughly as wide as the pontoons to provide a path for the machine to float into as material is removed from the water. The cutterhead is operable in forward and reverse and the speed of rotation is variable.

The Pump

The last hydraulic function of the machine is the slurry pump. The pump installed on the machine is a 6″ submersible, manufactured by Geoform in-house, it is made with abrasion resistant 400 Brinell hardened steel, it can be outfitted with open or closed impellers based on conditions. The pump is conservatively rated at 1000 gallons per minute at 50 feet of total dynamic head, and able to pass up to softball sized debris without damage or clogging. The entire system and the environment are protected by a safety shut off system that monitors engine and hydraulic conditions.